women cxo connect

The WomenCXOconnect, provides for the active involvement of the Projects in the implementation of the Future Technologies & Sustainable Development Goals [FTSDGs]. This includes Private & Local enterprises in the partner countries alongside, as cooperation with international economic partners is often the key to success.


 To ensure that economic development really contributes to the achievement of the [FTSDGs]., however, the economy must grow in a sustainable manner and development must benefit the entire ecosystem. In all of this, companies can benefit from the expertise offered by development cooperation by Collaborative Leaderships. 


The well-functioning economy is a key prerequisite for a country’s development: economic growth creates jobs, improves people’s incomes and drives innovation.


The WomenCXOconnect provides the following core services:


  • Providing information, advice and guidance for Enterprises, on how to cooperate and contribute with development cooperation.
  • Supporting new approaches and ideas to the Businesses and develop them into projects.
  • Building sustainable networks between the private sector and development cooperation.
  • Utilize know-how and  expertise of the Future & Sustainable sector initiatives.
women cxo connect
women cxo connect
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